Turn to your co-workers, kids, Facebook friends and ask them to suggest an article, an adjective, and a noun. There's your post title! Now write.

The fast dog, that is what our little Jack Russell thinks of himself. Whenever my hubby comes home from work, our Jack greets him at the door squealing with joy at his Papa's return and then runs off to start the game of chase me and try to catch me. Jack thinks he's fast but if he senses you aren't following he waits for you around the corner. He only runs again if he is certain that you are chasing him. It's quite cute.

Outside in the back he will go tearing in a wide circle as fast as his little legs can propel him and it looks like he is dashing around the backyard on a slant, not upright but more of a an angled run. I would say that since Jack thinks that he is fast, then for him, he must be a fast dog. Personally we don't care if Jack is a fast dog, I know that I get a huge kick from watching him move his little body however it moves him; whether he is prancing, doing his weird hop/skip, his scurrying or his version of running. It's all good solid entertainment.

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