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The babies, my hubby, Jack and I hopped in the car and we all descended on to New York City to see my mother and sister and her family. I traveled with the cheesecake in the front seat, it traveled well as did Jack, he was in the front seat with me as well.lol The only tough thing about being in the city with Jack is the whole going to the bathroom thing. He’s a country dog and there isn’t enough country in New York to meet his requirements, not to mention the intense distractions all around, it makes his bathroom experience a little stressful. This won’t put a damper on our visit, I will just have to walk him long enough and far enough where he won’t have a choice but to go to the bathroom, it will be far from the indications of earlier today. Good exercise for both of us, that’s the bright side that I need to keep in mind.

Happy news on the baking front, my mother broke down and asked me to cut her a sliver of cheesecake tonight and she loved it. She couldn’t wait until Sunday, hee, hee. That made me happy, just knowing that someone really enjoys what I have made them makes my day. It fills me with much happiness. Hooray for me.:)

Tomorrow is an open book, we have the whole city as our oyster. We can visit uptown, downtown, Eastside or Westside or a mixture of each.

My stomach is so full from all the sushi we had this evening at a new Japanese restaurant not far from my mother’s house. The occasion was to celebrate the coming end of baby boy’s college education and sushi is his favorite. I have one big belly, it will gradually go down tonight. It’s only fish and rice, all good going down and so good for you on top of it.

I hope that Jack gets used to New York, it will make his life easier and mine too. He does get the “aw he’s so cute” looks everywhere we go and he has had fun chasing the fat squirrels in the park. I don’t worry for the squirrels, they are extremely savvy and no country dog on a leash will ever catch one. Jack sure does like trying.