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Today I was thrilled to see my sage and thyme plants show new green growth. This past winter I decided to leave my herbs in the outside pots since for the past several years I had been unable to keep them alive inside during the winter months. I was resigned to the fact that I would have renew my herbs every year at the plant store. and lo and behold, my sage and thyme survived the winter! Outstanding!

To top that exciting development, I found tiny shoots of my beautiful roses in the middle of the grass. I got free new rose bushes without even trying, don’t you just love nature? I dug them up and transplanted them elsewhere, where they would be safe from the lawnmower. I am looking forward to seeing if they do well in their new home, I definitely will keep my fingers crossed for them.

What else is going on in my little garden world, oh yes while I was weeding today near my clematis that I thought had died last year, I saw new buds on the old vine from last year that I had been ready to cut away. Hooray, my clematis survived the harsh winter and last year’s neglect due to my overseas traveling. I thought that it had died, so take a lesson, when it comes to gardening, never say die. You never know, nature will find a way, miraculous don’t you think. All this without any special plant food or herbicides or pesticides.

My day was a really good one, my plants and I and my smiling face.