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My hubby has already started to spoil me for Mother’s Day. He knows how much I love history in any form and he went to ancestry.com to find out more about my family history. I filled everything out, did the DNA test and shipped it out so when I find out anything, you know that I’ll be writing about it. I think that it’s fascinating to know from whence you came if you are able to find out. I’m excited!!

I know that unlike the celebrities who were featured on the t.v show Who Are You hosted and researched by a Harvard Ph.d academic, I forget his name, whose ancestors all seem to be either famous or important, I’m sure that my family will be ordinary to anyone else but special to me because they are mine.

There are some things that I already know about my family; one grandparent was born in Liverpool, one was born in Paris, another was born in Angouleme France and the fourth was born in Bourg, France. So that is three grandparents from France and one from Great Britain, but perhaps it isn’t as cut and dried as all that. There could have been journeys farther back in time, anything is possible.

I look forward to this journey back in time, I’m very lucky to have a hubby who likes to spoil me.