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Today I took all of my spare energy and took vengeance on the two banes of my existence in my garden; Bishop’s weed and bamboo. Both are weeds and unbelievable in their tenacious nature and survival mechanisms.







As you can see by the pictures, getting rid of the bamboo is a feat and a half, you really have to be as stubborn as the bamboo itself and the root system is just as tricky as the offshoots from beneath. The Bishop’s weed is just as guilty of a diabolical root system and offshoots as the bamboo. I don’t feel bad about tearing through and apart both of these weeds because as you can see from the other pictures, I have more than enough elsewhere. This weeding is a yearly project, if one tiny bit of either plant is left, you will be guaranteed the re-emergence of the weed. Still, it is so very therapeutic, in the same vein as writing is therapeutic.