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My dear friend Tilly of thelaughinghousewife.wordpress.com fame wished us, her readers, a Happy Star Wars day by saying May the 4th be with you. I had a good laugh at her cleverness. What has been interesting to me is that lately Harrison Ford, during his rounds of promoting his latest movie 42, has been asked if he had been contacted to be part of a new Star Wars movie and he has been very coy about it. I would love to see Star Wars be reintroduced with the next generation of Solo-Skywalker progeny, the offspring of Princess Leia and Hans Solo. Imagine, it would be so cool, little ones even stronger in the force than their Uncle Luke and their mom Princess Leia.

Actually Harrison Ford said during one interview that he had never been contacted and he wouldn’t reveal anything else. There was a funny bit right after that line of questioning when Jimmy Kimmel threw some questions out to the audience, and Chewbacca stood up and Harrison Ford became quite irate, implying that Chewbacca crossed the line and it was unforgiveable. Harrison’s last parting shot was “that was my wife! You furry @#$@###”

Disney owns the rights to the Star Wars franchise so it will be interesting to say the least what comes out from the Disney creative team later on down the road. I think that we all need a new Star Wars and a new generation of heroes and hope.