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How do you communicate differently online than in person, if at all? How do you communicate emotion and intent in a purely written medium?

Recently I have found myself better at communicating my thoughts in written form. My focus is better harnessed when I’m writing, I don’t know what is happening to my brain nowadays when I am talking with people, my thoughts get all jumbled up, they get disassembled and I lose my train of logical progression. That being said, I haven’t exchanged speaking for texting. I still enjoy speaking with people, I just keep it simple. I used to debate politics and economics but I have stopped because it has become difficult keeping my stream of consciousness flowing in a coherent manner. I still practice my debating skills but now I do it in the written form with my political blog A progressive’s thoughts. I do get to laugh more often whenever I garble the simplest words, it makes for entertaining and funny conversations.

I do text my young adult children because that is the current form of communication if you need to find out the necessary information such as when are they coming home, do they need a ride, or what do they want for dinner. Phones have been replaced by the literal walking fingers, years ago phone companies used walking fingers as an advertising tool so its ironic in my mind that texting has replaced dialing just as written speech has replaced vocal speech in the young universe.

I love speaking with my children and I’m so happy that they still respond with words and don’t text me from their rooms, that would be horrible.