Have you ever had a random encounter or fleeting moment with a stranger that stuck with you?

I'm trying to shift through years of travel filled with waiting times in various airports, train stations, bus stations; all the usual places where strangers tend to congregate. Way back when; the strangers that I had encountered rarely remained strangers, there was something about being fellow travelers that created a sort of bond.

The strangers who remained strangers during my travels are the various "celebrities" that I walked past either going back to coach or at the gate; the national weather man on Good Morning America, the soap opera star who played a dual role of twins on All My Children, Aidan Quinn who is currently on the show Elementary, all these stars remained strangers mostly because I was too shy to strike up conversation; except with Aidan Quinn, I spoke to him because I was the only one in the smoking section of the plane and he sat next to me whenever he came back to steal a smoke he used my lighter, that goes to show you how long ago that was.

I have always liked the traveling culture, groups of random people tied together through various adversities or adventures, it's hard to remain strangers in those types of circumstances; at least I think so, I like the thought of having common ground, it makes the world seem much nicer.

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