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The baby girl, the hubby and I met up at the cinema to go see Iron Man 3 in 2D. I made the decision to see it in 2D because 3D gives me frightful headaches and I don’t find it to add that much more to the entertainment factor. I believe that I made the correct call since neither the hubby nor the baby girl complained once. Iron Man 3 was action packed, dramatic, full of twists and turns in the plot and a fitting denouement for the hero.

We get to see the true measure of Tony Stark without his Iron Man cocoon, his words, his suit had become his cocoon, I think that it made for a richer story. After three movies, the character of Tony Stark needed to get through his arc of growth and pain. We are seeing his evolution during this stage and it does the overall storyline a lot of good. Every hero has to be flawed and go through trials and tribulations to make us identify and root for them.

Tony Stark and his vulnerability reminded me of Robert Downey Jr’s own strife and challenges not too long ago and to see him embrace his second chance at life is a wonderful thing. When you descend so low, he went very low with the alcohol and the drugs, the road uphill, though it is so hard and incredibly painful, once you get there to the land of redemption and sobriety the air is so much the sweeter. Addiction is a dark and lonely universe and I am so glad for Robert Downey Jr and his success. I don’t know if I am reading too much into his character study of Tony Stark but it makes me feel very sympathetic to him.

We enjoyed the movie immensely and the preview for Thor 2 was exciting to see. Part of the delight of seeing a movie is the excitement generated by well directed previews, just enough to whet your appetite for more movie, always wonderful to be teased by a snippet of entertainment.