What's the one habit you'd change about yourself, if you could simply flick a switch and have it happen?

Is procrastination a habit? If it is, then I would love to flick the switch. I know that procrastination can be overcome from within but it is quite hard. I suppose that having it be undone as easily as a flick of the switch would make the whole process of becoming a better version of yourself, not as meaningful. I think that the difficulty of overcoming any habit that you find faulty strengthens you in the long run.

However in the interest of the prompt, procrastination would definitely be the habit that would be the first to go. In order to rid myself of my habit, I would need to explore why I have fallen easily under the spell of procrastination and I think that it has something to do with my fear of conflict. Therein leads me to the obvious question, why the fear of conflict? Perhaps that answer would clue me into other things as well. How deep can we go?

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