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As I was driving through several towns on my way to the place of medical examinations to get myself one of them, my eyes kept dashing from left to right admiring the flowering trees lining the roads from the start of my journey all the way to the very end. I saw weeping, cascading trees adorned with pink blossoms here and white blossoms there. I saw small purple azaleas and big purple azaleas. I saw shrubbery with long branches of white blossoms, forsythia everywhere and different blossoms indicative of different tree genus which I am not too sure of their names, I just know that they were each one as beautiful as the other. The variety that Mother Nature gives us each spring is the greatest gift, we need to honor her gift.

I came home using the same route and even though I passed the same trees and shrubs, it still felt new and fresh. It reminded me to take a gander as to how my budding shrubs, azalea and weeping tree were faring. They are gently flexing their tiny buds, I think that in two or three days I should be seeing some beautiful blooms in my backyard.