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This evening we had our, I think that they are quarterly or maybe more often then that, Director’s meeting. These meetings are always very laid back and pleasant. Our ambitious President sets the agenda and gives us a blow by blow account of the finances, the upcoming projects, the various programs and he does it all without being bossy or overbearing. When I describe him as ambitious, it’s because he does a lot of the projects himself. He really enjoys being outdoors and physically active so he is always the first to volunteer his time and energy. He doesn’t however, force or guilt anyone into doing something that they don’t want to do. I really like that about our fearless leader.

We are being led into the digital age by our newest Vice President of Programs; Chips has taken our collection by storm; he has been digitizing and reconciling the ascension book with the digital record. It is a massive job, I know this because I had tried to do it last, just without the digitizing, and it was a nightmare. Nothing made sense because it had been done in such a haphazard fashion. Chips lives for this type of puzzle and he has gone to town with it and I am extremely grateful for everything that he has done.

My contribution to the next program which is May16th, our treasurer will be exploring the twentieth anniversary of the Scottish festival, will be pecan shortbread cookies. In French they are called Sables and they are quite yummy. I’m glad that my fellow Directors are happy with my contributions, it’s what I do best.