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Today I wrote several more scenes further sending Madeleine closer to her overseas adventure. My book is coming along, I try not to get too impatient with myself, I know that I am taking forever with writing this book, but that is fine, for now. I also enjoy writing on my political blog and this one that you are reading right now. I guess that makes for quite a bit of writing. I enjoy it so much, often times I find it easier to express myself with writing then speaking. I can’t believe how quickly I got invested in writing, it came about very fluidly. I didn’t realize that I would make wonderful friends through writing. It didn’t occur to me, but in a sense it should have because we are all united in the common bond of writing and needing to express ourselves. It’s a great club to be a part of, it’s all-inclusive and without prejudice.

I am curious as to where my writing will lead me. It could be nowhere or somewhere, either way it will be here for when my children ever get curious as to what made their Maman tick. It is also a way for me to have a legacy, I suppose. My ego demands it hee, hee.