Get to a nearby cafe: write about a person, place, and thing in as great detail as you can muster.

Oh so now we are doing the Parisian thing, sitting in a cafe a la Earnest Hemingway, seeking and writing about the one thing in the truest way possible. Well, I'm at the Nichols cafe and I have just written my little comment on an article in the Huffington Post and cross posted onto my political blog A progressive's thoughts.

This morning is all about reading and writing and then afterwards, I haven't a clue. Today being Saturday, the whole day is open and ripe for adventure. By this evening I will have done something that will give me material for a second post. If not then in my second post I will be commenting on the lack of adventure or how restful a day can be when there is nothing to do but be with the one that you love. Either way, later on today my imagination will produce something for someone to read, I hope. I'm sure that my little Jack, our Jack Russell, will do something comical, he tends to do that, so I can always write about him.

Where was I? Oh yes, I am writing about something in great detail. I think that I just sort of did that, I wrote about the possible prospects of today. It is nice when you haven't any idea of what a day can bring. I used to feel that way often when I was in college and it was most exciting, I started my days wondering who was I going to meet, what was I going to learn and what, if anything, was going to happen that was going to change my life. That is when you are young and fancy free and the road of your life is like an open highway. I hope that my two babies see it that way, it helps to diminish the scariness of uncertainty. I think that it changes the stress of what am I going to do with my life? into what opportunities are going to come my way today? Uncertainty is fretful, but adventure is fun.

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