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Almost 6 years ago, Nov.1 2007, I went into the hospital in dire circumstances. I was deathly ill and the emergency room doctor was so pessimistic that he told my hubby that I had two days left at the most. My hubby told him that he wasn’t needed and got the hospitalist, Doctor Baker, to take over. He saved my life by taking charge so quickly and finding us a doctor that was willing to take serious care and not give up. Prior to all this, from time to time, I would draw dream catchers. I learned about dream catchers while studying about the Native American culture in high school and I started drawing these as whimsical expressions of art when I was 15 and I had a few fans over the years. After my scary diagnosis my hubby took the dream catcher that I had drawn for him and had it tattooed on his back so that he would forever carry something of mine that I had created.

Today my hubby and I went to Northampton because my hubby was inspired to add a special splash of color to enhance the existing tattoo. A few years back, a lunar eclipse happened on his birthday and so he wanted to capture the gorgeous oranges, yellows and reds surrounding the circle. It didn’t take very long and the results came out to be exactly what my hubby envisioned. I’m very happy that his tattoo means so much to him and that he found another way to give it even more meaning.