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I spent this morning with the baby boy food shopping to get everything necessary to make my mother’s tomato meat sauce, the foundation of her lasagna. It is still cool enough to warrant a nice steaming dish of lasagna and it is one of the best dishes to make in bulk because the second platter is going directly to the freezer. The smell in the kitchen was so delicious, onions and garlic, the two best aromas in the world. The smell became more complex once I introduced pork sausage and ground beef to the onions and the garlic, after I drained the excess fat, that is when the tomatoes joined the party. The accessories that enhance the body of any sauce are the herbs, which in this case were the traditional oregano, basil, bay leaf, crushed red pepper and thyme. The only thing left is to simmer and let your nose enjoy the sweet yet rich smells that start to come together into a singular smell that is tomato meat sauce.

Lasagna is all about great ingredients and assembly, that’s it. I assembled mine with the ready for the oven lasagna pasta, my mother’s sauce, heaps of ricotta, fresh mozzarella, shredded mozzarella and parmesan cheese. The platters each weighed quite a bit, manly dishes, quite hefty and substantial. Homemade sauce and lasagna, all in a day’s work.