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I can’t believe that I had forgotten about Earth Day, so to everyone out there Happy Earth Day! Ideally, everyday should be Earth Day, where the planet is celebrated and everyone is mindful of their imprint and the consequences of their purchasing decisions, their travel decisions and their food decisions. I read through my Huffington Post yesterday, but with the week of tragedy that we had, between the Boston bombing, the manhunt in Boston and the horrific fertilizer plant explosion in Texas, Earth Day didn’t even register. Most of the headlines were all about suspect #2 and his ties to Chechnya or lack of, his religious affiliations, his ties to community and everything else that could be gleaned from his social media and those coming forward volunteering information.

Now that spring is slowly blossoming to life, I hope that everyone takes the time to plant something, recycle as much as possible, take a bike or your feet if possible and to be mindful of what you are eating. Food choices are very important when it comes to honoring the Earth. Excessive packaging needs to be addressed and supporting local farmers is a boon to the planet, local means less transport. Moreover, less food processing means more love for your body. I just read recently that a few scientists have been studying the gut and its relationship to your health and they have found unanimously that processed foods deplete the good bacteria from your intestinal tract and that is bad for your overall health. They have found that a diet that is kind to the Earth, a diet high in fruits, vegetables, complex grains (non GMO’s) replenish the good bacteria that help to reduce inflammation. So that is another endorsement for the wonderful bounty that Mother Nature provides us with, it really is amazing the variety of healthy food that our planet provides us for nourishment. We would be remiss if we didn’t take full advantage.

I try to eat in a healthy manner so I have also given up for the time being my horrendous weekend ice cream habit. I am detoxifying my arteries and hopefully clearing away my share of belly fat. Belly fat is very unhealthy, fat on your buttocks and thighs as unsightly as it may be, is far healthier than any fat around the abdomen simply because the fat in the belly area puts too much pressure on your vital organs and stresses them out.

As time goes on, I have been trying to eat as well as possible so that I can feel better. You are what you eat, as the saying goes and sayings such as this one, are said for a reason.