You get to produce your own television show. What's it about? Who's starring in it? Describe it in detail.

I would be producing a show based on your typical mid-forty year old housewife/mother who has finally found the courage to start her own bakery. She thinks that the children and the husband don't need her as they used to, so she will have all the time in the world to make a go of her endeavor. Little does she realize. Let the hijinks ensue!

I love Julia Louis Dreyfuss as a comedic actress and I think that she would be perfect to show how everyday life can be very funny and still mean something that is deep and poignant. The children of course need to be young adults, I would be casting young 19 and 22 year old's for the parts. They would of course need the right amount of sarcasm and vulnerability with a touch of cluelessness to make them endearing. My husband would be, the opposite of all the other t.v husbands, on the ball. He would be the safe place for the hero of the story, the mom/wife/entrepreneur/woman. The other character would of course be all the delectable pastries that our lovely star of the show would be creating, the orders may be late or get lost but who ever finally gets to taste them, more like devour them, will become an instant fan. The hijinks come from every real dilemma that all small business owners come across; finding seed money, finding space, finding customers, transport, delivery and everything else in between; the house, the dog, cooking dinner and doing laundry.

It would be funny, poignant and uplifting most of the time. Like life, you wouldn't necessarily know if the end will be a good one or a messy one, you would have to stay tuned to find out.

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