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Discipline is difficult to maintain on a daily basis. I suppose that it goes hand in hand with self-motivation, both being traits that require continued mindfulness. I find that writing my book, more precisely finishing my book, is requiring a great deal more discipline that I am accustomed to following, I think that in this case the self-motivation is very tightly wound with the discipline and what I am wrestling with is more of the self-motivation than the discipline. I have always been able to maintain a highly disciplined work ethic, whether it be school or work, much of it was motivated by the absolute need to please. My book rests solely on me, I am the only motivating factor and I am finding myself sluggish in the discipline department.

I did work on my book today, my character and her best friend are getting spoiled by the dashing American beaux at Coco Chanel’s boutique. It’s a kind of bon voyage present for the girls. The countdown to the cross Atlantic Ocean voyage has started. Bonjour to New York in a few days.

I feel so exposed as a writer with my novel. I don’t think that I will ever write another book after this one is done. It feels as if I am being drained from my brain and siphoned into my book.

Back to keeping my nose to the grindstone.