Who doesn't love a list? So write one!

When it comes to lists, I stick with the grocery list, I don't do to-do lists or "honey can you do" lists. I see the wisdom in lists, it helps give focus and direction for those that get distracted or forget, I belong in the forgetful category. I'll try to give a different spin on my usual lists:

top ten list of places that I have visited:

1. my cousin's backyard in Carro/Martigues, France; her backyard was on the beach right on the Mediterranean. Needless to say I spent three summers there with my cousins and my sister and it was idyllic.

2. Pelikas, Corfu Greece. I and my sister spent about five days there with our Canadian friends; between the beach, the village and the family restaurant with the best food ever, juicy tender lamb, fresh tzatsiki sauce made daily along with their bread made this place very special.

3.University of London right near Euston station, I spent six weeks there living in their dormitory and attending their N.Y.U summer program. It was my base camp allowing me to explore all of London for six fantastic weeks, there wasn't a single spot in London that I didn't love.

4. Edinburgh Scotland. I fell in love with the city and the people in three short days. I got to see the Queen, I ate wonderful food and everyone that I met and spoke to made me feel welcome.

5. Inverness, Scotland My wonderful experience in Edinburgh was even amplified in Inverness. We met a wonderful Bed and Breakfast owner who gave us a ride to Lochness and we had the best breakfast. The countryside is magnificent and it is easy to see how fairy tales found homes there. I have memories of green in every shade imaginable.

6. Costa del Sol Figueras Spain. The seaside town right on the Mediterranean was a complete package; tapas in the early evening, nourishing breakfasts, afternoon swims, late night dancing, mid morning sunbathing, you couldn't ask for more.

7. FLorence Italy. I can't pick a favorite spot because after spending a week in the city with wonderful Australian girls, that my sister and I got to know on a train going to Florence, we walked everywhere from the Duomo to the Ponte Vecchio and had gelato every night at the most frequented gelatteria in Florence.

8. Maastrich Holland I had the luck to visit Maastricht right when it was in the news because it was the site for the treaty that further solidified the Eurozone back in the late 1980's. I remember it being a gorgeous seaside city with a historic seaport and romantic architecture. I know that Amsterdam is the city but if you were going to visit one city in Holland as a couple, I would go to Maastricht, you won't regret it at all.

9. Montreal Canada. I have been to Montreal three times and had the opportunity to visit the entire city and there isn't an area that I wouldn't recommend. The old city is just as important to visit as the new city. I definitely recommend visiting the restaurants, I did not have a bad meal.

10. Brussels, Belgium My family and I went to Brussels for 10 days back in 1997 and it was magical. We had such marvelous food, Brussels is the center of the European Economic Union and thus has every cuisine imaginable. We ate like royalty; Italian, Spanish, Vietnamese and French. The city itself is drenched in history with wonderful architecture and fabulous gardens.

This was my version of a top ten list. It was of course my personal top ten travel list. Writing this list down was fun actually, it brought back memories and they were all great ones. I can't remember having any bad times during my travels, all that I remember is the feeling of anticipation, excitement and freedom.

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