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My hubby took me to see Tom Cruise’s newest vehicle in movie fantasy, Oblivion. It’s a science fiction movie. Usually those are right up my alley and I leave the movie all excited with my imagination fueled by the journey, not this time.

It was good, I would almost call it cerebral for a science fiction movie but I felt that it was dry. Tom Cruise can really deliver when it comes to action, not when it comes to passion. Here, I felt that passion was lacking; a glaring negative because at the heart of this science fiction movie was a love story. We were told that they were in love and they “acted” the possibility of love but the potential passion wasn’t there for me.

The overall story for the science fiction “nerd” was quite plausible and intriguing, there was a different enemy if you will and you are gently led to meeting the enemy at the end. This movie review is a little awkward to write because I don’t want to give anything away; there are a few twists that keep the story interesting and moves it along nicely.

I can safely say that since planet Earth was a victim in the war, as a survivor of the war I would have felt as Tom Cruise’s character Jack Harper did, sad to leave because even though Earth bears a lot of scars, there is still expanses that are still beautiful and wild, perfect to start over, so the setting becomes another character that pulls at your heart strings and pulls you closer to Jack Harpers’ worldview.

My hubby and I liked it. I was happy just to go to the movies because that always means going to Arby’s and sitting in a movie theater with my hubby holding hands and escaping reality for an hour and a half, always a grand time to share with my hubby.