Pause whatever you're doing, and ask the person nearest you what they're thinking about. Write a post based on it.

The baby girl called me to tell me about her afternoon at school. She had decided to take a walk to her bank branch instead of getting a ride. At about the mile and a half mark she came to the end of the sidewalk and the road was way too busy to walk on foot. She called me to tell me that she had tried to go independent of anyone's help, but that the next branch was six miles farther away in the opposite direction and no way was she going to walk that far. I told her that she had done well anyhow and that I was proud of her initiative.

She started telling me that her little adventure in walking had reminded her of our many days walking throughout various towns in France this past summer. She said that feeling tired, sweaty and sore legs were the specific things that had made her think of our trip. She also mentioned that feeling like that was making her irritable, another reminder of how she felt over in France. I have different memories of France because walking long distances don't often get me irritable, perhaps hot, sweaty and tired, but not irritable.

The baby girl was being cute, I am glad that she still thinks of our trip to France even if she teasingly calls me to remind me how hot and sweaty we were some of the time while making our way through the French countryside.

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