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I have posted a few pictures of my kitchen and I am fairly sure that my stove has been featured in those photographs. I have a fairly large stove, all stainless steel, I love it, it’s industrial and serves me so very well whatever I choose to cook. Anyone who has stainless steel anything, however, will tell you about the fingertips, the smudges, the way grease seems to find its way to it and linger.

I have tried over the years, so many different brands that were specifically formulated for stainless steel and I had never found a brand that quite lived up to their claims. I have been on the web looking for alternative ways to clean stainless steel and I did find one “green” site that suggested warm soapy water but that seemed to easy and also I kept thinking that the stainless steel would get water spots. So I resigned myself to the commercial products.

Last year when our Rex was getting incontinent, I googled to see what could be used as an alternative to the carpet cleaners because the commercial brands weren’t working in getting rid of the ammonia odor and what I learned was that white distilled vinegar was perfect because it dissolved the nitrogen bonds in the urine that produce the ammonia like smell. I soaked the carpet with warm water and white distilled vinegar, scrubbed it and sucked it back up with my carpet cleaner and it was as good as new.

Ever since then, I have been turning to white distilled vinegar for more and more of my cleaning duties and stainless steel has been the latest recipient of the white distilled vinegar treatment. It works like a charm, all I did was apply the vinegar directly to my microfiber cloth and wipe down my stove and the viola, the grease and the smudges were gone.

I have been converted to the efficacy and the efficiency of white distilled vinegar. According to the website, it is good for cleaning windows, dishwashers, getting rid of mold and mildew and cleaning everything else except for marble. Why pay for those chemical laden commercials cleaners when you can get something non-toxic and cheap that works even better?