How are you more likely to make an important decision — by reasoning through it, or by going with your gut?

Since I am married, most of my decisions come after talking it through with my hubby because in a marriage, what affects one affects the other, so it is only fair that the other have a say in the matter. That being said when it comes to small everyday decisions, I think that I use both my head and my gut. Feelings and impulses may move me to in one direction where on another day, thinking about it logically might move me in another such as do I purchase a lottery ticket or a scratch ticket? On impulse, I may very well do it, but if I take the time to consider the well reasoned arguments that I have recently come across, I will decide not to.

The article I am referring to spoke about how so many states are relying on state lottery earnings to fund public education and public infrastructure instead of getting that funding from taxes and the downfall of relying on lottery earnings is that it is a very regressive way to fund public works and institutions. The lower income person is more likely to invest their hard earned pay on tickets, lowering their spending even more in the elusive dream of winning it big. Progressive taxation is much more equitable way to fund public works and institutions and we should be fighting for our legislators to institute those changes. So that would be one reason why I wouldn't spend my money on a lottery ticket, not only would I lose, but I would be supporting a system that is detrimental to the majority of people in our society. This is just one example of the difference made in deciding based on impulse or by logical thinking.

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