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Spring is technically here but living in the hill towns, we are in limbo. It gets so frustrating going down to Westfield, down the mountain into the valley and see tulips, daffodils and hyacinths in bloom and coming back home and seeing little tiny shoots of green and that is it. The only thing to do right now in the garden is to rake all of the excess mulch and old leaves out of the garden beds. I’ll confess right now that doing this is definitely not one of my top ten things to do in the garden, especially when it is tedious work and not much to show after it is done, just more waiting for plants to wake up from their long winter sleep.








I know that I am complaining but I think that I am going stir crazy with the long winter, it feels as if there is a huge thirst for color and greenery after way too much white and grey on the landscape for months on end. The spring palette is so vibrant; full of pinks, blues, yellow and violet. I can’t wait to see the landscape awash in all those colors.