If you ran away and joined the circus, what would your role be? Would you run a concession? Would you train elephants? Be a clown? Ringmaster? Why?

I would be running a concession stand so fast it would make your head spin. I would be baking all sorts of goodies; pain aux raisins, pain aux chocolat, palmiers, Florentine cookies, shortbread cookies, apple turnovers and I could go on and on. Perhaps the list wouldn't be as extensive as that, but I would be offering at least four or five different choices in sweets and then I would be offering some nice simple sandwiches, all served on good French bread. It would be so much fun, I would have a helper or two to help replenish whenever we were running low on the pastries. Who knows perhaps I would even launch myself into offering crepes, both sweet and savory. It would be so much fun, seeing the look of delight on all of my customer's faces when they bit into a palmier cookie or a pain aux raisins; pain aux raisins and pain aux chocolat are both croissants filled with either an almond and raisin creme or chocolate. They are both delicious, full of buttery goodness, nice and flaky with the chocolate or the almond creme peeking out between the layered buttery pastry, melts in your mouth and is so fantastic to eat. Like I said, it would be so much FUN!

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