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My hubby and I drove the baby girl back to her school today. It’s only a little over an hour away so we left at 2:30, we were on the Massachusetts turnpike for about a half hour and I felt myself drifting off to sleep, I tried to fight it , but I felt that it was seriously a losing battle so I tried to be sneaky about it and I turned my face towards the window to hide my sleeping. I felt guilty about falling asleep because my hubby was probably tired of driving since he does it a lot during a week and I felt that I should at least stay awake to keep him company. We were almost at the baby girl’s school when I jerked awake and my hubby said ” go back to sleep, you’re still tired”

I didn’t go back asleep because I had napped enough. After we said our goodbyes to the baby girl, my hubby decided to take the scenic route back home. We had a nice drive back home and it was during the drive back that I told my hubby that I had tried to be slick about sneaking my napping during the drive to the school. He laughed and said that slick, sneaky or sly were words that just don’t fit or describe me. Those are traits that I just don’t possess and he then said, that me saying that was really funny.

I am happy to know that my hubby truly believes that I don’t have a slick or sneaky bone in my body. I wasn’t really trying to be slick about hiding my napping, I just felt bad that I wasn’t showing solidarity in the driving responsibility. My hubby wanted me to rest because he knows that I need to and I fight against it because I like to do my share of our responsibilities. I get frustrated that I am not as dynamic as I used to be, My hubby says that it’s my ego and he is right. I prefer to think that I can still do as much as I used to but I get fatigued very easily nowadays. What can you do. I need to let my ego go and accept that I get tired and that’s okay.