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Today I was feeling tired and under the weather; my hubby knew it and so like the prince that he is, he took over the command of kitchen central and cooked a brilliant dinner for the baby boy and the baby girl. He even tailored dinner for each of their taste preference. I had purchased cod and chicken and other things when I went grocery shopping yesterday which my hubby took full advantage of; watching him cook was like watching an episode from the Food Network, he had a plan in mind and everything came together according to his plan. We had jasmine rice from the other day so he made use of that, I had gotten fresh spinach yesterday and my hubby steamed two bags of that and he sautéed the chicken with lemon and herbs while he poached the cod loin with chicken stock, fish sauce and a few other things, I know that lemon juice was being squeezed here, there and everywhere. Our kitchen felt very much like a restaurant and the baby boy and the baby girl were very happy customers.

I was naughty, I ate ice cream and it felt good going down and now I am in my pajama’s and my warm and thick plaid robe laid out on the couch writing about my wonderful hubby. There is nothing better than someone taking over the kitchen duties when you don’t feel up to it, it helps so much. I’m sure that tomorrow I will feel better.