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Yesterday was our second meeting of the Blandford French club at our Porter Memorial Library right at the heart of our small town. We were only three, but instead of being sad or bothered by our very small turnout, we spent more than an hour speaking French together about this, that and everything. There seriously was not one second of silence and the hour sped by, it was great. I am the only native speaker, but both ladies have spent quite a lot of time throughout the years visiting and traveling through France so their ears are very much in tune with the lyrical cadences of the French language.

I am so glad that my friend, who is head of the library board of Trustees, decided to start the French club; it is only once a month, I know, but it is better than nothing. I really like the two ladies, they are kind and sweet. They share the same passion for baking, cooking and gardening that I do, so even though we are speaking in a foreign language, we are speaking about things that we all love and it makes it much more interesting; especially when the three of us are searching the ceiling for those certain vocabulary words that sometimes elude us. I don’t know why I always look up at the ceiling when I can’t think of a word, but I do look up waiting for the elusive word to appear and it never does, you would think that I would learn by now, but I don’t.

I have to remember to bring a few French children’s books for my ladies, they asked me if I had any because they would love to have some easy French reading to maintain whatever progress they make during our once a month conversations. I also have to see if food will involved in future meetings. I am so happy that we started this club.