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Today was the first day that I ventured outside to take a look see around the gardens. There wasn’t much to see because up here in Blandford, we haven’t had too many days of temperatures that went much higher than the low forties so I was just happy to see 90% of the snow gone and not much else. Out front I decided to rake out the side bed and the front area to give whatever was waking up from the deep winter slumber, some much needed air and sunlight and lo and behold I found shoots! I had completely forgotten my little spring time surprises.







It isn’t much but just seeing the yellow, purple and violet colors made my day. Seeing new life in my garden made me itch to get out there to do more yard work. I may not be able to for the rest of the week because the weather forecast is not in my favor. According to the experts, we are going to have showers for three days straight. I know that April showers bring May flowers but considering the tsunami amount of snow that has just melted in my entire yard, both front and back, I am pretty sure that my dormant flowers have had their fill of moisture.

Today was a good day.