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My hubby took me once again to the movies and to Arby’s. These weekend movie dates are always something that I look forward to, it reminds me of the time before we had the babies; when it was just the two of us going to the movies whenever we wanted. Make no mistake, we had a lot of fun taking the babies to the movies for all the following years seeing each and every cartoon put out by Disney and Pixar, not to forget all of the Harry Potter movies but now that my hubby and I are back to being just the two of us for most of the time, it is wonderful to go back to seeing movies as a couple.

Today we went to see The Host, the latest movie based on a book written by Stephanie Meyers. My hubby wanted to see it, the previews that we had seen promised a science fiction bent to the story, so his interest was piqued. I on the hand have to confess that I read a review of the storyline and the review found the story and the movie wanting. I having read the entire Twilight series and having myself issues with the message the Stephanie Meyers communicated to her readers, found it difficult to keep an open mind watching this movie. I, during the movie, kept telling myself that I should not let a review sway me, it normally never does but it didn’t work.

It wasn’t a bad movie, I just felt that it was more of a teenage love story than a science fiction movie. The love story was a slight twist on the usual love triangle, the Host was the young heroine whose strong presence prevented the alien parasite from completely taking over, in effect all during the movie we had one body inhabited by two minds, so the two young men were the love interests of the Host personality and the alien parasite.

I wasn’t interested in seeing yet again two young men at odds over the same girl. I wanted to see science fiction and it wasn’t science fictiony enough for me. There was potential but it fell short. When the movie was over, out of curiosity, I looked back to see how many were in the theater and there were about 15. I fear that the box office receipts will not hold up to expectations.