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This Friday morning I once again led the ladies in our weight class; my partner in crime was out due to feeling slightly under the weather. My co-leader, Sybie, is our foundation and our counter; without her we are lost. It got quite comical today, normally I lead in the exercises and as we are doing a variety of leg lifts and then arm exercises, Sybil always keeps us in sync and on the correct count. However, whenever she is absent like today, the count is completely out of sync and we are drowning in complete amokness. There I made up a word, we weren’t simply exercising amok, we were drowning in amokness.

I tell you, we, all to the one, said that we can’t allow Sybie to miss anymore days because we just can’t keep count. The primary reason is due to our insatiable need to solve all of the problems in the world, when we are busy doing that, how can any of us keep track if we are 7 or 14 repetitions on a leg lift? The girls know better than to look to me because I have been the worst at it since day one, I start counting and then someone distracts me with a question or a comment and before I know it, we might be at 12 but I am counting 6. Sybie, we need you, we can’t count.