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Earlier today I responded to a prompt about tears of joy versus tears of sadness. After I had written my response, I took Jack, my trusty Jack Russell, for a walk and during my walking and thinking time, I was writing my novel in my head as usual and I felt tears building in my eyes because my heroine is 10 short days from boarding a steam ship, leaving her Paris behind. I know that there will be adventures galore, but she is leaving her friends and family for destination and life unknown with only the love of her life to guide her. I have finally gotten these two love birds to the pivotal point of the book, the big au revoir to France and hello to the United States.

I was a little surprised at how spontaneously my tears came to my eyes when I thought of my girl saying good bye to France. It’s a book, a book that I’m writing, I know it’s all in my head and I still had tears. I can be such a ninny sometimes. I hope that someone will have tears in their eyes at some point if they ever get to read this book, if I ever get my backside in gear to finally finish it. I’m still working on it. I had the worst thought that erupted in my head while I was at the post office talking to two of my friends; I was sharing my writer’s woes and then it spilt out from my lips. What if after this is all said and done, no one wants to publish it or anything and it gets put in the attic somewhere and sometime after I am dead and gone, some one finds it and gets it published because it is then a fashionable subject, wouldn’t that just be awful. I don’t know why I think such silly thoughts, I was experiencing frustration I guess. Writing is HARD.