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I called my little sister today and wished her a happy birthday. She received her card and tomorrow her surprise will arrive on her doorstep, I hope that she will like it. She was telling me about her special night out with her hubby at a restaurant in Westchester called Blue Hill at Stone Barns, it’s a complete farm to table restaurant, and they really loved it. I told her that on her recommendation, I was going to start saving my pennies to go there with my hubby. She said that they raised their own pigs, an entire garden right on the grounds and she had carrot and turnip ice cream and it was delicious. I’m sorry, if a pastry chef can find a way to make turnip ice cream delicious, it bears further investigation from me, that alone spiked my interest.

My sister also said that she had been at Home Depot in the gardening center and that she immediately thought of me. I asked her what she had purchased and she told me that she had gotten herbs, pots and some other things. In my neck of the woods, it is way too early to even think of doing anything to my garden.







Isn’t my backyard sad for this spring time date on the calendar. This winter won’t go away or at least that is what it feels like, though we are being told that tomorrow the thermostat will go up to 50 degrees. I would love to be going to Home Depot to pick out a few new plants, but no, I have to wait until the end of May before I can even start to think of planting; our tempestuous New England weather, I tell you. I made sure to photograph my two little rosemary plants with the sage plants right next to them in the oval pots; it’s too early to tell if they survived the winter, I hope that they did. This year was pretty brutal. If they didn’t make it, I’ll be sad but that doesn’t mean that I won’t try again. I will find a way to keep a rosemary plant alive for more than one growing season.

Everything else is still under snow cover however theoretically by this upcoming weekend, everything should be melted away. I am hoping that the days of 30’s are done and it will be 40’s and 50’s from here on out. The thought of tiny buds and tiny, delicate shoots puts a smile on my face, already hearing the birds outside chirping makes me feel lighter and more cheerful.