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I forgot that yesterday was April Fool’s day for most of the day except for a brief instant on Facebook when I shared an image from the website Inhabitat featuring a sippy bottle attached to a baby crib with the caption “for exhausted parents everywhere” and the picture of a baby sipping from the attached bottle. I thought that it was a little too obvious of an April Fool’s joke, but I got a few hits, where I replied April Fool’s or poisson d’Avril! According to the Encyclopedia Britannica it is thought that the modern celebration dates back to France when they changed the calendar to the Gregorian calendar which changed the celebration of New Year’s and whoever celebrated it on APril 1st would be the fool.

Other than that, there were a few of my progressive websites that wrote a few blurbs about getting some billionaires such as one Koch brother and Sheldon Adelson, the casino magnate, to change their political stripes, but that was almost too cruel to be true. One can only hope but still, one must remain realistic. Our fight for progressive ideals remains an uphill battle against the corporate and banking sectors.

Tomorrow is April 3rd, my little sister’s birthday. So tomorrow I will be calling her to wish her a happy birthday. I hope that my card and gift will be there, this year I tried to surprise her. I hope that I was successful, I’m keeping my fingers crossed.