What activity, task, or game do you love most in the world? Why?

I love my Rubik's cube, it gives me solace in that whenever I feel as if my brain is deteriorating and my memory is flagging, I mess my Rubik's up and solve it all over again and I feel much better about how my brain is working on that particular day. I say top myself "I still got it".

When it comes to activities, I love, love gardening, there is something so therapeutic about getting down and dirty with the soil and crafting a landscape that will become the home of a new plant or bush. Gardening is all about creating and nurturing an environment and the plants that will inhabit the area along with all the visitors that may come calling, like the butterflies and the hummingbirds.

It's the same creative spark that I find in cooking and baking, you take different ingredients and combine them and manipulate them in such a way as to produce something more than with what you started.

I suppose that writing operates on the same principle, you take a bunch of words and you fashion them together in such a way that you produce an idea or an emotion that wasn't there to start with.

Regardless of the medium I enjoy producing, creating and nurturing in everything that I do, it seems.

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