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I wish everyone a Happy Easter and I hope that it was a joyous day for all. This morning as I was flipping through Facebook, I posted Happy Easter everyone! Enjoy your ham, enjoy your lamb and most of all, be sure to enjoy your chocolates! What is amusing about my wish for my friends is that for my own Easter dinner there wasn’t any ham or lamb to be found, there wasn’t even any Easter chocolates eaten.

My family enjoyed a small brunch of soft shell crabs meunière with Jasmine rice and asparagus served with a dijon mustard vinaigrette. I forgot to take pictures, they were also devoured quite quickly. The sauce meunière is such an easy sauce to prepare, all it takes is butter that has been browned by whatever you have been sautéing, in this case it was soft shell crab, it could easily be Dover sole or flounder, once the soft shell crab was done being sautéed; I added the juice of a large lemon and voila, the sauce meunière. If I had parsley on hand I would have added it but I forgot to get some, oh well, it was still quite nice especially with the rice. I, myself, ate most of the asparagus. It is one of my favorites, I didn’t forget it this time and they were perfectly crisp, tender. All in all, it was a nice meal and we celebrated Easter Sunday quietly as a family. After which my son graciously agreed to drive his sister back to school.

So now my hubby and I are getting to watch the season’s premiere of Game of Thrones on HBO and later we will watch I think that it’s the season’s finale of the Walking Dead. Perhaps not the most appropriate viewing for a Sunday but these are brilliant shows and I like them a lot.

So again, Happy Easter everyone! 🙂