If you could choose to be any famous person who would you be, and why?

Interesting question just in the fact that the other day I was contemplating my mortality and wondering if part of the reason dying was so unappealing was because the thought of disappearing completely from existence was so utterly saddening. I think that writing and finishing my book is sort of a reaction to this underlying realization, I don't want to fade away into nothing. I want to leave something concrete behind, more than just a tombstone.

In that vein of leaving something behind in the written word, I would be curious to be the writer George Sands, she lived in Paris, had numerous lovers but I think that Frederic Chopin was her true love. I used her novel as part of a paper that I had written about French peasants and their deplorable conditions alongside Emile Zola's novel The Earth. What I love about George Sands is that she lived her life on her own terms and did it courageously.

I enjoy being Laurie Nichols but spending a day walking in the shoes of someone such as George Sands would be an experience to be remembered.

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