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Today my hubby and I went with the baby girl as support while she received her first tattoo. My hubby has three tattoos, so he was understanding and completely on board with the tattoo idea. Myself, on the other hand, always made it a point of honor that both my children wait until eighteen before they had any type of piercings or tattoos done because personally, I find them very unappealing. My husband is the only person that I know of who has tattoos that I find suit him and that are attractive.

My baby girl waited until the day after her 19th birthday to get her tattoo and she specifically asked us to go, so how can I say no. I might not agree with tattoos but it isn’t my body, it is hers, so I can’t just impose my tastes and sensibilities on her. It is simply a matter of taste and self-expression after all. I can’t deny her my support just because of a difference in taste. She is my baby girl after all and since it is a painful undertaking, she has to hold someone’s hand and it should be mine, her Maman.

I have to hand it to the baby girl, she was awfully brave and pain tolerant. The tattoo artist himself was quite impressed by her grit and stoicism. My hubby and I weren’t so surprised because she has always been plucky and feisty, since she was a tiny little thing.