Describe your ultimate theme park ride. Roller coaster? Water ride? 3-D Experience?

I have an aversion to heights so I do not have any favorites amongst the rides but I do however have a few stories, I am a mother and isn't that part of the job description; follow you children on whichever ride they have to go on?

There was one particular ride that the baby girl and I went on, I forget the name but basically it operated on the centrifuge principle and spun very quickly. As the baby girl and I were spinning in our car in one direction, independently, of the spinning arm that held our car, that was spinning in another direction, the baby girl started saying that she wasn't feeling so good and I talked her down from losing her breakfast. I told her stories and made jokes, got her laughing and then I made her laugh even harder when I was making fun of my own misery. When the ride finally stopped, we almost crawled out of the car and made our way to the curb and sat for quite a while with our heads between our knees. For years after, the baby girl would walk past that ride and say to anyone listening that she would never go on that ride ever again.

Another ride that sticks out in memory was the old fashioned roller coaster like the ones that you see in the old posters at Coney Island. We went together as a family on that one and my baby boy who was in the car in front of me kept looking behind to see just how green and terrified his Maman was getting. His Maman didn't disappoint, I felt as if that ride was the longest torturous ride ever, it felt rickety and noisy and I could have sworn that it was going to tip over or onto its side at any minute. I was so happy to be on terra ferma when the ride was over.

I am so happy that the amusement park adventures are over, hooray!

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