What activity, task, or game most brings out your competitive streak?

I have never been a competitive person with others perhaps because I am quite hopeless in sports, I have never felt comfortable performing in public and often lacked the self-confidence necessary to truly compete.

However when it came to myself, I found myself to be the more interesting challenge. When I received my beloved Rubik's cube for my 13th birthday, it soon became a contest against myself; if I could get three sides, then could I get four, once I solved it, could I solve it faster? Honestly if I was going to win at anything, it was only by beating myself. I don't do well in competition.

I don't have a problem with that because at the end of it all, there aren't any hurt feelings, I have improved my skill level or if not, than I know that I could stand for more practice. I do the same with my baking and my cooking, each foray is always an attempt to out-bake myself from the last time. I would never compete against anyone else because I think that I would melt from the anxiety and the nervousness. I leave the competition to the professionals, I will remain in my own proper, personal competitive universe of me, myself and I.

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