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One of the new shows this year is Neighbors on ABC. It’s about a human family who unwittingly move into a gated community that had been taken over by alien shipwrecked aliens inhabiting human form. Jaime Gertz has been a favorite actress of mine since I was in my late teens, early twenties. She plays Debra the mom, happily married to Marty, they have three children. They find out that they are living in an alien community and hijinks ensues. The alien family who decide to adopt Debra and Marty Weaver as friends, are named Jackie Joyce Girney and Larry Byrd. The aliens all named each other after sports figures.

Tonight is a very special episode, George Takei from Star Trek fame and Mark Hamil from Star Wars fame are guest appearing as supreme commanders checking in to see how the mission is going. I must not be the only one who considers this show as a guilty pleasure when two icons of science fiction are willing to grace the t.v show with their presence.

I am done with my confessional, you should tune in and watch, it is cute and harmless, good for when your brain doesn’t want stress or worries.