Describe in great detail your ultimate superhero. What is their unique super power? Get creative!

The latest big bang action movie that my hubby, my son, my daughter and I went to see together was the Avengers movie. Here we got to see a variety of heroes and their super powers, giving us the opportunity to see who was more powerful and who had what type of weakness easily exploited, trust me, it makes for interesting conversations. The kids were extremely informative, there are shows and video games devoted to putting super heroes up against each other in battle. Superman, apparently, is almost impossible to beat. He has every power and only one weakness. My son was educating us as to the extent of the variety of mythologies engaged in these face offs. Pokemon heroes and villains, which I hadn't even thought of, were involved, my son did lose me when he was talking about how superman beat this one and that one because it has been years since I had paid any attention to Pokemon. I tell you the realm of heroes and super powers is extremely rich and complex, as intricate as anything in the real world. Do not dismiss the imagination required to build these fantastical universes. It is amazing.

I myself have always liked Thor, the Norse god of thunder. Mythology has always been my thing. However, I think that the Greek gods were too heavily invested in their own drama and their human worshippers to try to be super heroes. Thor seems to be the only one, willing to assume the mantle of super hero.

One of my favorite scenes in the movie Avengers is when Thor and the Hulk are walking side by side and the Hulk just throws a side punch to Thor and Thor goes flying off screen. Another entertaining scene is when the Hulk tries to lift Thor's hammer and finds his own weakness for the first time, he can't lift something made only for a god.

We mere mortals have always looked to the heavens or some fantasy land for something or someone either better or infallible to aspire to and watch over us. It shows that we know that we are smaller than the entirety of our experience in the world. Sometimes, I think that the smallness, can be overwhelming and so superheroes are welcome in our world.

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