Describe in great detail the room that you slept in when you were ten years old. What was the light like? What were the furnishings? Leave out no detail!

I grew up during the school year on 24th Street in Astoria. The summers were spent with my family in France where we played musical bedrooms every summer. In the States, I shared my room with my little sister. It was a rectangular room with her little bed on the right and my bed on the left for the first few years and then we graduated to bunk beds that were on the right side of the room looking in, the far wall had the only window in the room. That window looked out towards Astoria park, the East River and the Triboro Bridge, now known as the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge. Our view was spectacular at night, with the lights gleaming from the bridge, they made very pretty images on our walls. Directly across from the bunk beds was my dresser and to the left side of the dresser was my bookcase with all of my Nancy Drew books, Agatha Christie books, Art Linkletter's Encyclopedia series, the Black Stallion series and the Kathryn Kurtz' Camber of Culdi series. Our closet was next to my bookcase and at night I used to have to imagine painting all of the horrible images that would crop up in my imagination coming out of that closet with thick white paint so that I could go to sleep. That closet and its inhabitants used to scare me to no end. The white washing of my imagination did work because it took time to paint all of my mind into a pristine white canvas and I would fall asleep doing it.

That was my room until we moved away at the age of seventeen where I finally got my own room and even though I went away to college, I still kept it because I didn't stay away for long, just a year and I came back home to go to a local college. I really didn't like dormitory life.

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