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Do parties and crowds fill you with energy or send you scurrying off in search of peace and quiet?

I enjoy parties especially dinner parties. The dinner party is more my speed; a manageable crowd of usually ten to twelve people with a noise level that rarely gets over the top and the end usually seems to appear around the midnight hour where everyone’s welcome hasn’t been overstayed. When I was a young single adult, fancy free and adventurous, I still preferred the dinner party, but the only dinner parties that I was privy to were the ones given by my parents and their friends. They were tremendous fun but for a single young lady, not quite the environment for meeting prospective suitors.

Whenever I went out with my friends, we hit the nightclub scene in the city but that got old after a while. I do not do well with tight crowds, I have a touch of claustrophobia, not so much the tight space, but the tight space made by too many people, so after an hour or two of intense deafening music combined with throngs of people and I was done for the night. Once, my claustrophobia really got the upper hand on me; my friends and I were at a club called the Playgirl Club. The Club was the women’s answer to the Playboy Club, instead of Playboy Bunnies, there were handsome men in tuxedo jackets and a bow tie minus the dress shirt. These handsome men were everywhere within the club; upstairs at the bar area and downstairs in the dancing area. My friends and I were downstairs dancing and the crowds plus the heat were really getting to me, I went up the stairs because I could feel the walls closing in, lucky for me I got to the top of the stairs because I took one final step and fainted dead away. When I came to, there was a very muscular shirtless man’s face just inches away from mine and our eyes were locked for a few seconds. When my brain made sense of my situation, I scrambled to my feet and sat at the bar where I passed out in convulsions this time. I woke up to the words “Is there a doctor in the house?” I then felt nauseous so I bolted out of the club, threw up outside in the gutter and then flagged down a taxi cab to go home. I didn’t go out for a while after that. I kept up with the dinner parties, they were more my speed.

After marriage and parenthood, I can’t say that I missed the crowds and the clubs. I still love the dinner parties, I actually love them even more because since I have become even more of a light weight when it comes to staying awake. If we were at a club, I’d be falling asleep somewhere and that would be awful. Trust me I have actually fallen asleep at a nightclub; it was once in high school, I was sitting next to a speaker and I fell asleep. My incredible talent for sleep is a point of jealousy for many who know me.

So there you have it, I would be the absolutely happy hostess of any dinner party and even more, a highly delighted guest, but when it comes to the club scene, leave me at home and don’t feel bad about not extending me an invitation, I would never be upset.