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Write about the last disagreement you had with a friend or family member — from their perspective.

I can’t remember the last time that I had a disagreement with a family member over something, probably because I don’t remember much of anything these days. I’m glad that I don’t remember disagreements, it seems to be negative stuff taking up room in my brain and who needs that? I do remember as a teenager having arguments with my mother and now being a parent, I can see why my mother held her position so stubbornly; she was right, most of the time.

Our arguments were never about school work or the need for a solid education. We were in total agreement about college and doing well academically. Our disagreements centered on my, in my opinion, complete lack of freedom to stay out late and just stay out late. I’m fairly sure that we argued over clothing appropriateness; what I thought were acceptable lengths and acceptable fit were miles away from what my mother thought to be okay.

Fast forward to the present day or better yet, the more recent past. My baby girl and I had a few disagreements over high heels, clothing, piercings and I tried to keep an open mind about the whole thing because as in all things, this too shall pass. And for the most part, that too had passed.

I think that all disagreements stem from one trying to control the outcome or the circumstance for the other. I feel that as parents we have an obligation to keep our children as safe as possible; physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. However when it isn’t an issue of safety but more a question of taste, opinion or not being open, then I think that any disagreement of that sort should be acknowledged for what it is, a difference of opinion.

It’s okay to have different tastes and opinions, eventually it all mixes in the wash.