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There are some days where a craving hits you and today a craving hit my hubby and he indulged himself by actually heeding the craving. Pancakes were on the menu for Sunday brunch today at the Nichols household. The baby girl was very happy; anytime pancakes are made with chocolate chips sprinkled in, that is some good eats. My hubby is the pancake master, he has been making pancakes for us as a family for the entire life of our marriage, so over twenty years and he is excellent at it. His pancakes come out light and fluffy as well as very pretty so that your eyes are delighted in tandem with your tastebuds.



I prefer to make crepes; I still have a ways to go before I get them perfect every time but it will happen one of these days. Practice makes perfect and perfection takes practice. However the mistakes are an enjoyable pathway to perfection.