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Today, sniff, sniff, we had to drive our baby girl back to her school. The spring break vacation was over and it was time to get her back to her studies. I had just gotten used to having my baby girl back home and it was already time to drive her away from home back to her college domain. Tomorrow is sure going to be quiet. Our baby girl was excited to get back to school and I am grateful for that. It would be awful if she was miserable or feeling overwhelmed. Instead she went back with a huge smile on her face, ready to continue with her academic work and enthusiastic about her future. I can tell you that when your child feels that way, it lightens your heart and your spirit and you sleep much better at night, knowing that since your child is in a good place emotionally and mentally, they will tend to make much better choices in their daily lives or at least you hope. I have faith in my baby girl, she spends a nice amount of time on self-reflection and she keeps me in her orbit, to which I feel lucky to be included.

I miss the little baby girl, but I really love seeing the young lady that she is growing into and spending time listening to her dream and plan her future career and adventures is exciting. Seeing a child grow up is almost like having two lives, you are as invested in their happiness as you are in your own. You celebrate their triumphs even more than you would your own, when they hurt, it hurts you just as deeply. The connection between parent and child is incredible in all of its complexity and depth. An amazing gift.