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I have gotten completely invested in a “new” show, new for us in the States, Ripper Street. It is unbelievably captivating, gripping, compelling and informative. It also stars one of my actor “crushes” Matthew Macfayden. I can watch him in anything, just his voice is enough to make me swoon. I have noticed that all of my actor “crushes” revolve around the sound of their voices. I do have to say that Matthew is more than just a voice, he is also a gifted actor and has made his character someone who I am invested in within the context of the drama. The writing is tight and realistic, the setting is historical which appeals to me. London during that era, 1889, is fascinating because you have the industrial revolution which changes the lives of ordinary citizens in extraordinary ways, hence society and all that it implies; the relationship between government and people, charities, crime, punishment, the wealthy and the poor. Moreover, the attention paid to detail with the autopsies, the medical examinations and the science itself has me glued to the screen. I love this show and I wait in anticipation for a new episode each week. Thank you BBC for excellent programming!