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It is 6:43 pm Friday evening and we have just pulled out of Penn Station. We’ll be arriving at Springfield at 10:10 pm where my dear hubby will be waiting for us to take us back home to Blandford. I had a very nice time, I got my haircut, the grey’s were miraculously washed away in their sink at Space Salon, they must have special water at Space because every time I go there, I emerge a refreshed brunette. Funny how that happens.

The baby girl and I had lunch after our hair appointments; she wanted to try the infamous Gyro at Pizza Palace, a gyro is a greek specialty, a sandwich in a pita bread with grilled meat that has been made into a type of meatloaf with several spices and herbs and put on a rotisserie and then sliced off, lettuce, tomato, onions and tsaziki sauce, a cucumber, Greek yogurt, dill and garlic sauce all in the pita bread. She ate the whole thing and loved every single bite. I got myself a souvlaki sandwich with everything on it as well. I can tell you that there are few things that I like more than at the end of the pita bread where the juices from the pork combine with the tsaziki sauce and it becomes a creamy, spicy meaty sauce that impregnates the meat and the bread into the tastiest morsel of food. It is to die for delicious. After that we went off into the city and did a little bit of shopping. We went back to my mother’s to spend some time with her before taking the train back home. My mother answered some more questions that I had about the subject of my book, my great, great aunt and then before we knew it, it was time to say good-bye. I do have to say that as far as visits go, this one was quite fruitful, we got to spend time with our family, had good food, got beautified and saw some of the city. All in just two days, fast and efficient, just as I like it.